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Strip 1335: Showed Up.

Friday, January 22, 2010
YAFGC #1335: Your daily fantasy webcomic

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Look Ma, New Site!

Gravatar Posted 08:00
Thu 06 May
by Dungeonmaster

Welcome to the new YAFGC website, with a bunch of new content, new style and (thankfully) a rocking new content management system with a proper cache. We did a decent amount of testing on the site, but of course, nothing's ever perfect. If you find a mistake or get an error message on anything, let us know and we'll fix it asap.

Many, many deep thanks to our crack team of betatesters, who hand-held us through the design and test phases:

Madar Foxfire
The indefatigable t!

And very special thanks to Steve H from ComicCMS, and jonofthewired, provider of fine mobile site javascript redirects, moral support, morale support, and ass-kicking on demand.

So what's new?

The look, of course, and the structure of the site. You can find Fan Art and the Wallpaper downloads over under 'Extras,' along with links to pages for the old contests. You can now see the comic broken down by story arc as well as by date in the Archive. Take a look at the new Atlas for some insight into the world surrounding the Black Mountain, and request new locations over on the Forum (change your bookmarks to

Keep up with our convention schedule in the sidebar and on our convention report page, and don't forget to check out the redesigned Cafepress Shop while you're clicking - we've got brand new swag, designs for which will update monthly.

You can get YAFGC on your phones without all of the extra noise/dataload by bookmarking in your phone browser, and/or check out the new rss feeds: (Comic only) (Blog only)

We've been live on Facebook for a few weeks now and we have a rocking little party happening over there with every update. You can also 'Like' YAFGC on Facebook through the link up there (points up), or share the strips on various social networks with one click of a button. Link to the Facebook page through

So, yeah... we've been busy lately. How're you doin'?

- Dungeonmaster and Beholder King (aka Hilary & Rich)

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