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Strip 1492: Unveiled Threats.

Monday, June 28, 2010
YAFGC #1492: Your daily fantasy webcomic

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Book Files Approved!

Gravatar Posted 10:06
Mon 28 June
by Dungeonmaster

Because I know you're all waiting on tenterhooks for news, here...

I have just (as in, about two minutes ago) reviewed and sent in our approval for the third and last digital proof of YAFGC Volume One: The First Year! I have requested that the book be made available for order on IndyPlanet. As soon as they let me know that it's up, I'll open orders all official-like. Sales for the Regular Edition (220 pages of sheer awesome!) will be through (shipping is cheaper for Americans that way - no border crossing!) and PRE-ORDERS for the Artist's Edition will be through our online store, shipped personally from our hot little hands to yours once the books are in and personalized.

Huzzah! Not long to go now, gang!

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Ka-BLAM! So to speak. As of Tuesday June 15th, the files for YAFGC: Volume 1 have been sent to the printer for verification! Assuming all goes well, we should have the proof copy in our hot little hands within the next couple of weeks, and then we'll be releasing the hounds! Volume One: The First Year includes the first 366 strips, an all-new full-colour cover, and a 25-page artbook in the back.

The Artbook section contains never-before-seen strips, concept sketches, design rotations and author's commentary, showing you the loyal readers how YAFGC came to be! See the never-before-published first strips! Marvel at the evolution of the character designs! See concept notes, model rotations and more!

YAFGC: Volume 1, all 220 pages of it, will be available to order directly through, for the low, low price of $24.99. An Artist's Edition, complete with original signed sketch of the character of your choice and two exclusive YAFGC wallpapers, will be available through pre-order, all for $35 (plus shipping).

Save your pennies, because this is gonna be big!

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic Volume One: The First Year
Colour cover, B&W interior
220 Pages
$24.99 / $35 Artist's Edition Exclusive


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