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Strip 1581: Divine Whuppin'.

Saturday, September 25, 2010
YAFGC #1581: Your daily fantasy webcomic

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Now Available in Store!

Gravatar Posted 04:22
Sat 25 September
by Beholder King

Just 'store' in the singular for the moment, but hopefully that'll change! You can now buy YAFGC: Volume One at Halifax's own Strange Adventures! I believe they're being sold in the Halifax location, but if you're on the other side of the harbour give the Dartmouth location a call and ask. These guys are fantastic supporters of local artists, carry all kinds of neat comics, games and related merch, and are overall fabulous people. Go forth! Buy the book!

And if you've got a Friendly Local Comic Shop who might be interested in carrying copies of the book, be sure to let the store owners know about us. We have a distributor for American stores (ComicMonkey), and will personally handle orders from stores who can't or won't use them.

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