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Strip 2097: Glon Puts his Foot Down.

Thursday, Febuary 23, 2012
YAFGC #2097: Your daily fantasy webcomic

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Spring cleaning!

Gravatar Posted 07:08
Wed 22 Febuary
by Dungeonmaster

It's been a long, busy fall and winter (new baby, Master's degree, waves of various flu-like substances), and it's finally time for some long-long-needed site cleanup. I'm busy poking away at code and old links and so forth; if there are bugs that crop up, or old ones I don't seem to have caught, throw me a line on the forum.

As a reminder! If you live in or near the Canadian maritimes, you can find YAFGC volumes 1 and 2 in many of our awesome local game and comic stores. If you pick up a book at the store, come find us at HalCon 2012 with your book and receipt and get a sketch and autograph free of charge.

Stores that carry YAFGC:

Strange Adventures


Fredericton, New Brunswick
68 York St
(506) 450-3759

Halifax, Nova Scotia
5262 Sackville St
(902) 425-2140

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
101 Portland St
(902) 444-2140

Giant Robot Comics

114 Woodlawn Road
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Quantum Frontier Games and Comics

3087-A Robie Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Monster Comic Lounge

2091 Gottingen Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia

If your local store doesn't carry YAFGC and would like to, tell them to get in touch with us for distribution and pricing details!

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