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Strip 2332: Lightheaded.

Monday, November 05, 2012
YAFGC #2332: Your daily fantasy webcomic

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House of Paulus now in print!

Gravatar Posted 18:02
Fri 02 November
by Dungeonmaster

Those who were at Hal*Con already know this secret, but now that the con's over, we can share it here - Rich's imperial Rome-flavoured comic, House of Paulus, is now available in print! We have a limited run of 100 copies, now available at the online store! There are some new strips not previously published, character profiles in the back, and a cover by artist (and friend) Dominic Marco.


Madcap adventure, mistaken identity, witches, spells and conspiracies - Paulus Desertius, loyal Roman citizen, wants nothing to do with any of it.

All Paulus wants, he thinks, is to get married and settle down to a quiet, domestic life.

How difficult can that possibly be?


Those who currently have a YAFGC Book 3 order in the system can take advantage of free shipping on House of Paulus with the following discount code at checkout:YAFGCPRE. This offer expires as we start to pack and ship the preorders, so order your Paulus today!

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