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Strip 2406: While You Slept...

Monday, January 28, 2013
YAFGC #2406: Your daily fantasy webcomic

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Whither YAFGC?

Gravatar Posted 20:03
Sat 02 Febuary
by Beholder King

Okay, so a few people have been sending us messages asking what happened to YAFGC and if everything's okay with me at home. Yup, we're still here and alive, all of us. The issue isn't a new one, it's one I've answered before and things haven't changed. Between parenting two small children and the crazy schedule at the studio and some freelance work I'm trying to keep up with in the evenings, I'm swamped, folks. Swamped and exhausted. I put in a desperate effort to keep YAFGC on schedule but something had to give and doing that was making me late on things that I was getting paid for. I'm not exactly sure when the change came along but there was a time when I was a dad, a storyboard artist, a freelance cartoonist and author/artist on 5.... that's right, FIVE webcomics. I just can't do that right now.

Now, I'm nearly done with some of my freelance work and things might even out a little bit. However, I've reconsidered taking some advice that DM gave me that makes a lot of sense, I just wasn't prepared to face the reality of it when she offered it. I need to take a break to build up a buffer and get things back on track. In that haitus time I would like to take guest art strips to keep the site moving.

Now bear in mind that guest strips should be about characters in YAFGC, about YAFGC itself or relating somehow to YAFGC and will [probably] not be part of my world's canon. My goal is to finish the current story arc and then take a week or two to build up the next one and that's when guest art will appear. I'll probably also be running a smililar thing for my Comix Blog site while I build up a buffer for the Bond/Who crossover story with Richie and Christina.

I hope that you all understand my plight; you've all been so understanding in the past and I know I can count on you to be patient for a bit while my life tries to settle. I intend to fully recover from this at some point as soon as possible, because I've still got a lot of stories to tell and characters to draw and jokes to share.

Thank you all very much for reading;
Rich Morris

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