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 Post subject: Which tips should be noted when the cartridge removal
PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:59 am 

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Many users are complaining the cartridges when they used them, such as below thing: when maintenance of the printer, the users often feel like being cheated. In fact, this is mainly caused by the users have little understanding of the printer, coupled with this do not want to be fooled psychology, so there is feeling of being cheated. However, the user's worry is not unreasonable, and now the printer repair market is not standardized, it is necessary to properly understand some of the knowledge about the printer. This can avoid being cheated, you can also solve some minor problems by yourself, why not do it
The basic maintenance allows users to understand some of the machines at the same time and learn to solve some troublesome printing problems, so the basic maintenance of the printer is essential. The inkjet machine maintenance is the regular cleaning dust. First of all, find a soft cloth, (do not use water to wet, to prevent the water is not dry power printer hardware short circuit) wipe off the printer inside the warehouse dust and dirt with a soft cloth. If possible, you can also use a jet air gun to blow out the confetti in the printer compartment.
If the printer is too dusty and it not easy to wipe away that we can use a cotton swab to erase dust and grease from the guide shaft and remove a little lubricant to wipe off the printer inside dust. Be careful not to wipe the gears while cleaning the inside of the inkjet machine, and do not wipe the area around the print heads and cartridges. At the same time it is best not to move the print head, especially when some of the printer's print head is locked, do not forcibly move the print head by hand or tool, which will cause physical damage to the print head. A set of printer price is very high. I believe no one is willing to replace a print head easily, so the best to do within above steps.
Except above normal maintenance that we should pay attention to the brother toner cartridge maintenance, In addition to replace the cartridge should be strict accordance with the instructions of the steps to implement, the user should be careful not to touch the toner outlet of the cartridge, anti-impurity mixed toner cartridge caused by the print head plug; do not hit the cartridge to prevent cartridge damage caused unrecognized; If you see the toner missing , we should turn off the printer power immediately, because the infiltration of the toner has conductivity, may cause the printer internal parts short circuit; please try to avoid long-term exposure of the cartridge and avoid long time exposure to light, These will make the toner mixed with impurities that cause the print head clogging. However if you still can not understand the cartridge maintenance clearly that you can choose to buy a cartridge on the website that can help you save money also, such as if you want to replace the model Brother DR730 that you can choose Brother DR730 with a nice price and quality.
As we all know if we can understand the above maintenance process, it can help us avoid being deceived.

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