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Links Roundup!

Gravatar Posted 05:27
Mon 02 August
by Beholder King

I realized today that it's been ages and ages - years, even - since we've done a linkspam, and there's a bunch of interesting sites building up in our bookmark folders that deserve a look or three.

First up, I know some of you have checked this out, but they deserve a little more attention than our links page is currently giving them. A few intrepid fans have been busy translating YAFGC into a variety of other languages! Those that we have listed are the ones we know about because they wrote in to ask permission, and it's been exciting to see their work.

YAFGC in Russian!

YAFGC in French!

YAFGC in Portuguese!

Very cool.

All translation work belongs to the respective translators, of course, and we take no responsibility for the content of the translations (especially since neither of us speak Russian...), we have no control over the other content on external sites, yadda yadda yadda.


Flaky Pastry is a fantasy/sci-fi/roommate comedy strip done by Falingard, a friend and former co-worker of mine. He's been updating every weekend (in brilliant full-colour!) for five years now. He started posting FP about a year before I started YAFGC, and his twisted sense of humour has been a bit of a dark influence. He's got an extensive archive (but not as bad as ours!) but it's broken down into bite-sized chunks by storyline. It's not hard to jump in and it's easy to get addicted.

tl;dr version: Flaky Pastry rocks. Go check it out.


Hilary Sez: The End, a new sci-fi webcomic from Ran Brown, the artist who did Hollow. I have a big thing for the way she uses colour: the panels are saturated and deep, and it feels like you could fall into her world in the space of a breath. The story is simple enough on the surface, at least from what we've seen so far - aliens landing on Earth to try and collect biological samples for preservation - but given where and when they end up, it's bound to get thoroughly complicated from here. She started posting in May and has about 20 pages up, so get in now.


Loaded Dice is the latest comic on our "links we love" list, though the comic itself has been going on for about a year. It's had an art and artist change along the way, and the website's definitely not the most convenient to naviagate (haha, the irony! Pot, kettle, etc.), but the humour and style will be familiar, warm and fuzzy to anyone who's read Knights of the Dinner Table or Dork Tower. Pick it up from the beginning (see link above) - some of the strips can stand alone, but they're funnier in sequence.


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