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 Post subject: Gregory the Gangrel
PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:34 am 

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Prelude part II - A new vampire

When Greg finally had manged to dig himself out of his grave two dark figures were already waiting for him.
The stallwart guy and the tall dark woman.
They watched Greg as he crawled on all fours.
Greg could understand only some single words. Something about the woman loosing a bet.
Most words were overlayed by Greg's vomiting. Partly ash, partly blood left his stomach and with every bid the fire inside burned hoter.
He tried to calm down and concentrate.
The world around him faded out. Even the two dark figures who now argued with eachother in a very harsh tone.
Greg slow down his breath.
Up to the point where he did not breath at all anymore.
He suddenly paniced in fear to suffocate only to realize their was no danger. His need to breath seemed to be gone.
Even after several seconds he still did not feel any need to breath but there was still the will to do it. He seemed to still be used to breath.
After another seamingly endless moment Greg inhaled deeply.
There was another new feeling. A hunger.
And there was this smell. A fine new sweet smell.
The hunger rose.
Something monstrous rose inside him. Trying to take over the control.
Greg tried to fight it back but with every minute of hunger it came closer to his mind. Until at some point he finally lost control and his sight turned red.

Some point later Greg returned to consciousness.
His mouth and hands covered in blood he was kneeling over an unknown bound person.
The thirst was gone. For now.
Behind him he could here the two dark figures.
Only the male said something.
"Okay, this time you won, Indra."

Prelude part III - Good bye Boston. Hello Europe.

The next days and weeks Greg learned a lot of things about his new condition and his new abilities.
Most of the time he did not learn it the nice way. His masters made sadists look like cute puppys.
The stallwart male was Joshua his sire and the tall dark haired woman was Indra. His new pack leader.
Over the time got to know even more "creatures" which more or less losely belonged to his pack. For example this old and extremly uggly Nosferatu named Rupert.
As already mentioned he learned a lots of new things but only as much as Indra decided he should know.
In her eyes he should be the new low-rank henchman but she did not count on Gregs personality and his strong will.
He had to abadon his old life completely. For short it was even discussed he should kill all people he left behind but Indra was bored about this idea.
Overall she was quite a decadent diva.
As long as she was not forced to report to one of her superiors.
So far Greg could tell that she associated to something or someone named Tzimisce which - as far as he could guess - where all quite similar to her kind: brutal, sadistic, abnormal.

Joshua - his sire, his creator - was a little more settled as it first seemed but soon Greg recognized he was more an animal than a human. He was would you can call a real predator.
Joshua called himself Gangrel.
But most of all they all called themselves "Sabbath".

Especially over the coming years Greg learned that the most sane one of his new "friends" was this damn ugly bastard named Rupert. And he was also the closest to what you can call "friend".

A few month, a lot of different crimes and several important lessons later Greg was the first time allowed to venture the night on his own.
He had learned a lot about the clans, the bad Camarilla - although he already had a good guess that it wasn't as black and white as he was told - and the nature of the Cainits and the relations between them.
As well he had had learned wuite well how to blend into the human masses again.
He had simulate breathing and things like that and he knew how to hunt without being caught.
Greg sometimes still had problems supressing the beast when it was necessary but on the other hand he was not as eager as Joshua and Indra when it came to letting it run free.
His consience was still present and in secret to his superiors he was still cultivating it.

Maybe it was part of his consience that brought him to this place that night.
First he did not recognize it.
It took him some minutes.
He was at his old home. Standing on the street outside and peeking through the windows.
There was his wife.
She looked happy. Why could she be happy when he was gone?
Moments later he knew.
Who was this guy? Why was she kissing him? How could she?
The beast knocked at the door to Gregs mind. Only silent for the moment.
He kept watching until without recieving another long kiss.
The beast knocked louder and the last thing Greg did remember for a longer while was that he followed the man.
He also missed the sad expression on his wifes faces soon after that man had left. When she looked up to the star sprinkled sky holding an old picture near her heart. A picture of Greg.

Greg created a literally bloody mess in his rage.
Unfortunatelly the man he killed that night was not only a young police officer but also the ghoul puppet of some other influential Cainit.
That was at least what Rupert told him later. He also told him that their only chance not to be exposed and destroyed was to leave the country.
Joshua and Indra did just beat him down and pushed a wooden stake through his heart.
He woke up weeks later somewhere in Europe.


More later...

 Post subject: Re: Your Favorite Vampire characters
PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:24 pm 

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Prelude part IV - Human wars and Cainite schemes

World War I is not really of interest in Greg's prelude.
As mentioned before his real date of birth and date of "embracement" are a little bit blurry.
Let's just say he and his pack stayed away from the war at least up to the last two or three years. Maybe in Eastern Europe.
After the war another great time of learning began for Greg.
He learned how to disguise better. Disguise as human and disguise as Camarilla.
This was the time when the pack specialized on infiltrating Camarilla domains and breaking them from the inside.

Besides learning a lot of things he lost things as well.
At the latest during WWII Greg lost the one or two points of humanity and may have started to follow another Path of Enlightenment.
Again this period of time and the following are a little blurry (or in other words: they weren't of great importance when the character was created)

During the war the pack started to split up more and more often.
Sabbath authorities transferred them to assist other packs or to participate in direct confrontations with the Camarilla or other smaller factions.
Greg traveled through Eastern Europe hunting for Camarilla members or independent Kindred. It was during this time that he committed diablerie on an older vampire after winning a long and exhausting fight against him.
After draining all vitae from this vampire Greg fell into torpor. It lasted a few months. He was healed. Not only from his heavy injuries. Something more did come back out of torpor with him.
He started to question actions he and the others took and he questioned the orders he received. He started to think like the police officer he was years ago again.
For some time he continued participating or at least watched without comment what his superiors and his pack did. Up to the point where he discovered some of the horrors Indra was working on.
First she had only worked with some Russians on questionable things but in 1941 or 1942 she started to work on strange experiments with some German scientists. Horrific and inhuman.

Greg redeemed some favors he earned the former decades and left for western Europe. He still kept close contact to Rupert. Sometimes through other members of clan Nosferatu and so build up quite a good contact to a bigger part of the clan.
Later he should learn how helpful this should become.

During the rest of the war he kept a pretty low profile and stayed several days sleeping inside the earth.
He only hunted when really necessary and still managed to reach quite a good coexistence with his inner beast.
But when the war was over and the humans started to rebuild their countries ha was again contacted by his superiors.
His pack was reunited and they received a new priest who spent more time and more effort on performing all mandatory pack rituals.
With this new tradition of frequent Vaulderie (Sabbat packs exchanging all their blood and thus forming a weak blood bond between each other) the pack grew back together.

They spend the next decades mostly in the rebuild Germany.
Their mission was again to infiltrate Camarilla domains and corrupt them from the inside. Sometimes they even received specific kill appointments.
A few pack members where lost over the years and replaced by new ones.
Indra, Joshua, the new priest and Greg stayed the constant members and grew in power and experience. Indra – the Packs Ductus (leader) - even grew in madness and killed two new members herself over the time.
She sometimes suffered some punishment by the regions Lasombra bishop but this just turned her even madder and increased here inherent hate upon the Lasombra.

During this time and through all those rituals Greg once again lost sight of the “good” path he had started to walk in Western Europe at the end of WWII. But he was never completely lost.
He was plotting his escape and his freedom.
Something deep inside kept him to do so.
Then between 1980 and 1990 the Sabbat appointed the pack to infiltrate a new domain.
Information and resources were gathered. Fake identities were forged.

This is when Gregs LARP time started.
More on this maybe tomorrow.

Does anyone read this at all? ^^

 Post subject: Re: Your Favorite Vampire characters
PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:48 pm 
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breedingpit wrote:
Does anyone read this at all? ^^

Yes...^^ - Bun

Life is all about ass: covering it, kicking it, kissing it, chasing it :)

 Post subject: Re: Your Favorite Vampire characters
PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:03 am 

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Well, in that case I continue to write, Bunshichi. ;)

LARP Period

LARP I – Nights at the Club

In 1998 Greg’s pack settled in their newly assigned domain.
The region was quite rural. No too big cities and lots of open territory. Greg – by this time quite a professional when it comes to the undead and other supernatural begins – was pretty sure he could smell werewolves all around the country.
At first the pack stayed in the shadows most of the time.
They fed in silence, they investigated in silence and they performed their rituals with caution.
Indra worked on some of her own side projects while Greg and Rupert roamed through the night and slowly made contact with one or two kindred. Joshua was absent most of the time.
The domain had more or less been under control by anarchists until a few years ago.
Now a young Ventrue send by the Camarilla tried to get control into the region.
He established frequent meetings in a night club a little outside of town and declared the club as an Elysium. This club was lead by a female Toreador and its name was “Opium”.
Beneath this modern structures even older ones hid.
With the main city of the region and the domain being older than 1000 years nobody could be sure what old creatures lured underneath the earth and in the shadows.
The cities old dome was one of the most notable and rumors said that maybe an old Lasombra was resting in the catacombs below the dome.
Maybe this was one of Indra’s real interests in the domain but the pack did what the Ductus told them to do.
At least for now.

Soon Greg, Indra and Joshua made there first visit to the “Opium”.
They tied several contacts and gathered information on as many Kindred inhabitants as they could. Since the new domain was frequently visited by Kindred from neighboring domains they could even collect useful information on those visitors.
Their superiors – especially the Lasombras bishop – were pleased about the progress and thus the pack was granted several advantages.
The gathered information was forwarded to higher ranks inside the Sabbat and nobody was really surprised when over the time the one or the other domain inhabitant disappeared.
Rumors and Rupert’s information pointed to some involvement of Assamite assassins of the Sabbat. Maybe even Black Hand.
As well Rupert and Greg, who shared this information, did not wonder about some Assamite who visited the pack “by coincidence” a few months later.

One of the “advantages” granted to the pack was to increase their number.
Leadership instructed them to embrace some new vampires. Thus Indra, Joshua and Greg picked some candidates.
The chosen ones were captured and sucked dry to be embraced in a short and secret ritual. Like with Greg many years ago Indra persisted on performing here interpretation of the “Shovel Head” ritual.
The newly created vampires were subdued and buried “alive” in fresh graves.
Greg’s child was a small-time criminal and somewhat like a punk before.
Joshua’s chose a goth girl he “picked up” in one of the city’s clubs.
Nobody except Indra did know where here victim did come from. And nobody did care because for some strange reason Indra’s vitae was not able to transform the dead body into a vampire.

While the two new vampire crawled out of their graves and fed unto some other prepared victims Indra got mad and even fell into a short frenzy.
She attacked the others with her monstrous flesh-forming vampire powers and could only be stopped by Joshua using brute force.
It was a nasty fight between the two quite old and powerful Canites.
While both being heavily injured Indra fled from the place and was not seen for a few weeks.
During this time Joshua, Greg and their new children continued their work against the Camarilla. They even managed to deeply infiltrate the Camarilla hierarchy.

Alice – Greg’s child – took over a big part of the local drug business in a short time. And made a bunch of Camarilla Brujah pretty angry by this. But nevertheless he got in contact with lots and lots of human and ghoul minions. Not to mention that he randomly sold drugs to them which were contaminated with vitae of thus pack. Thus forming blood bonds to the minions of other Cainites and maybe as well to their masters.
Greg watched over Alice activities most of the time.
As a neonate Alice did not have much power so far and could soon face his Final Death if confronted by another vampire.
Fortunately they had to care about only very few fights.
Victoria – Joshua’s child – got in close contact with the Toreador who owned the night club “Opium”. With the Toreador being the Keeper of the Elysium as well they received a good option for influence and intrigue.
The pack’s priest was “guarding” their base of operations as always and Rupert was always near them in the shadows but never really present. Like many Nosferatu.
Thus their mission seemed to go well.
Until Indra returned.

A lot of things had happened in and around the “Opium”.
Rumors tell that there even was a fight with some strange werewolf but the vampires were able to fight it back. If you’d ask Greg he might tell you that he even managed to taste some of his blood.
Maybe with this werewolf outside of town at the night club the Elysiums end was sealed. But the disappearing of several high ranked Camarilla vampires including the prince and the Keeper of the Elysium had their influence, too.
Even the Sabbat pack’s priest did vanish.
Okay, Nosferatu tend to disappear more often than other clans but in this case it was against his nature.
Strangely it was during this period of disappearing that Indra returned.
She was still mad at lots of things but that seemed to be nothing more than her nature.

With the pack’s priest gone all those necessary rituals like the Vaulderie were disregarded and the pack’s bond got weak over the time.
After such many Camarilla Kindred had disappeared the Inner Circle did sent someone of higher rank to investigate.
It was an Archon (mid-rank Camarilla law enforcer) of clan Malkavian.
A very strange and mysterious woman with keen vampiric senses.
As Joshua got to know who this woman was he quickly left the region. As far as Greg was informed they had a common history. A bad common history.
Thus Joshua did not not endanger the pack with his presence but Greg was left with two neonates at his heels, an incalcuable Ductus in his back and no pack priest there to assist him.

But that’s another story ... soon to come. ;)

 Post subject: Re: Your Favorite Vampire characters
PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 10:08 am 
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Breeding Pit the story is interesting and i want to read more, but i am moving it in a thread of its own, all right? Its length will intimidate future posters.

Chaos is the Law of Nature, and Order just a Dream of Men

 Post subject: Re: Gregory the Gangrel
PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:43 am 

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No, I'm not dead. I was just very busy for a while.
Thanks to Morgana for splitting the topics.
So here's a new chapter. Still the really happend LARP period. OK, with some new interpretations because of missing memory. ;)

LARP II – The rise
Elysium and administrative central of the domain moved to another place under the lead of the Archon.
The Cainites now met in an old court house from the 16th century. Again there were a lot of rumors about older creatures living in hiding below the new Elysium or the near small castle.
Some domain members tried to explore the old catacombs beneath the city but found nothing more than some rats, collapsed tunnels and one or two Nosferatu.

Although the Archon had brought some new stability to the domain and everyone felt a little safer in the now more urban region around their meeting place everybody new that a new prince was necessary. Otherwise the anarchists would take over again sooner or later.
After a while a quite young business suite Brujah stepped forward.
He came from Italy and had moved into the domain not long before the old prince had vanished.
He had received quite an influence especially in the world of the mortals by investing in several companies. No one really new him but he had some kind of charisma … and already a little influence on the resources of several other vampires.
So after a short phase of supervision by the Archon this Brujah which called himself Don Marco took over the leadership of the domain and the frequent meetings were re-established.
Cainites from outside started to visit the domain again.

During the trial period of the new prince Greg had a very strange encounter with the Mathilda the Malkavian Archon.
Not only was she able to see through his well trained Obfuscate abilities but she also seemed to be suspicious about his real origin.
Greg was ready to attack her with full force only to be stopped by strange and crazy babbling the Archon made about cryptic future events. Just seconds later the Archon cowered in fear before the confused Gangrel and then fled with Rötschreck (vampire specific panic reaction e.g. when encountering unlife threatening masses of fire).
Every time when they met after this event the Archon avoided to be near Gregory as often as she could.

Indra worked once more on some of her own projects while Gregory stayed in the background. He watched the new domain inhabitants carefully and took care of Alice’s survival.
He was suspicious that something was not okay with the new prince and his half-Asian companion and body guard.

One night he followed them to an unofficial meeting only to find them gathering with Indra.
He watched them carefully and started his investigations. Fed his old police detective nature.
Soon he revealed a lot of prince’s dirty business and his relations to the Sabbat. He continued investigation up to the point where he was directly confronted by the prince’s bodyguard “Mai Lou”.
The two had a short fight without major injuries though or maybe because both were well experienced close combat fighters. Mai Lou wielding her two Japanese blades and Gregory his deadly Protean-grown claws. Their fight lasted until the first glimpse of sunrise and Greg had to retreat into the earth using his vampire powers.

Nights later the prince’s secrets was revealed during a meeting in the pack’s hideout.
Indra brought Don Marco and Mai Lou with her and introduced them as new members to the rest of her pack.
She only shared brief details on their assignment and commanded Greg, Victoria and Alice to support the prince at all cost.
Indra seemed far more focused on this new assignment than she had on every former one. So Greg grew suspicious about it.
Not far later he should be confirmed in his forbidding.

For a few weeks or even months the pack continued their work.
Rituals – especially Vaulderie were seldom but present – so the pack’s bond tended to be quite loose.
Then one night Indra welcomed the rest of the pack to their next ritual in unusually mood. Later this night Greg learned why.
She had finally succeeded in her conflict with the local bishop.
Somehow he had managed to get him responsible for some actions against the regions archbishop what resulted in his fast and not so friendly retirement.
Indra on her behalf was able to to convince the archbishop – as well a Tzimisce – that she would be a good choice for the job of the new bishop.

Thus Indra was promoted to become the region’s bishop and Gregory as the oldest remaining pack member became the pack’s new Ductus.
In his eyes perhaps one of the worst decisions ever made.
He was used to prowl the nights alone. To hunt and work mostly for himself.
He was far from being a leader.
Maybe this was some kind of payback from Indra.
Greg never got to know.

With still no priest available in the pack Greg tried to perform the usual rituals as best as he could.
He even requested a new priest from bishop Indra but all he got where three Brujah thugs as new pack members. So Alice would at least have some new henchmen for his business.
It was during this time that Victoria left to search for their sire Joshua.
Greg would not see her again for quite a long time.

With Don Marco in the lead and Mai Lou and Greg as some kind of law enforcers the domain finally start to flourish a little bit.
New vampires settled down. For Greg likings far to many Malkavians but as long as they did not bother him to much it was okay.
Once in a while cainites who did not cooperate as wished “disappeared” but never to many to get Camarilla authoroties suspicious and their was always someone to blame for.
Or these strange human “hunters” which started to appear more often the last years.
Or Gregs special friend Haquim was blames.

But before this could happen things hat to get a little more rough around “friend” Haquim.

 Post subject: Re: Gregory the Gangrel
PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:36 am 

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New chapter! :)

LARP III – Three steps to get screwed
Haquim appeared without invitation on one of the meetings during Don Marco’s rule.
He was quite a charismatic cainite and told lots of stories about his origins and his goals now that he had settled down in this domain. Although the prince had never welcomed him.
Nobody knew what clan he was. Some rumors pointed to Assamite others to Ventrue, Brujah or even Tremere. Last option only because someone had mentioned he practiced Thaumaturgy.
When the truth was finally revealed many vampires in the domain were shocked.

First it seemed that Haquim was an older but harmless vampire who simply wanted to find a new home.
Greg was a little suspicious from the start but Haquim was a master of deception.
Gregory as well as the prince were well distracted by Alice and the new Brujahs in their pack.
Both of them had to insult them more than one time because of endangering the masquerade or the safety and camouflage of the Sabbat operations. The prince as the pretending Camarilla authority and Greg as their Ductus.
One time Greg got so badly angry that he beat up two of the Brujahs. He injured them badly with his bestial claws but it granted him enough respect to silence all four problematic neonates for several weeks.

Over the time Haquim attended at almost every official domain meeting and with keen enough senses or a good experience after a while you could get a glimpse on his true intentions.
In secret he had started to work against the prince and was weakening the domains structures.
In the following investigation Greg was able to find several clues on him supporting the vampire anarchists. Since those cainites did not tend to be a problem for Greg – simply beating them up or killing a bunch of them worked great 90% of the time – he was far more afraid of the other information he had revealed.

Haquim was heavily plotting against the prince and a few other influential domain members.
In addition he had big issues in the drug dealings around the region which for sure triggered Alice’s attention.
His third area of expertise was thaumaturgical domination of other individuals. Mortal and immortal alike.

Thus with Greg’s support Alice and the Brujahs started a little gang war on Haquim’s henchmen.
Meanwhile Greg informed Don Marco and Mai Lou about his findings.
They decided to send information to Indra and start actions against Haquim on their own.

Alice’s little gang war turned pretty bloody. He seemed to enjoy the temporary freedom in his actions.
Greg and Mai Lou started a different approach while Don Marco pulled the political strings to weak Haquim.
A lot of his business connections got lost to him and several of his ghouls had terrible accidents. For sure he tried to fight back but with several of his minions lost in just a few nights his options were very limited.
The story reached its peak when on one night Haquim openly attacked Alice and his Brujah companions near the domain’s Elysium.
The fight resulted in a rough char chase (which the players thankfully did not execute but just describe... ;) ) without casualties … among the cainites.

Haquim returned to the Elysium in a very bad mood.
He had been injured. Not seriuosly but bad enough to be forced to suck dry his ghoul and driver.
First he tried to claim in front of the whole domain that Alice and his gang had attacked him without cause and had broken the masquerade and other stuff.
Unfortunately for him many people had already been informed by the prince about several of Haquims dealings. Including the drug business.
He was embarrassed but kept his temper and the cainite meeting continued.

Step one of taking down Haquim finished. :)

Short time later a mortal delivery boy appeared at the meeting place.
Not that a mortal directly lead to the “secret” vampire meeting wouldn’t have been enough for a lot of new rumors. What the mortal delivered created even more talking among the cainites.
He brought a single white rose for Haquim.

(Note: I don’t remember the correct circumstances but for the player and the character this was a pretty clear sign for “Someone hired an assassin to collect our head:”)

Thus everyone attending that meeting and talking to the right people with the good and interesting information now knew that someone pretty nasty was after Haquim and that he for sure was damn screwed. (Note: This was a very nice evening for me :D )

Haquim was so shocked that he did almost let the delivery boy get away without interrogation. Well, he caught him one second before he was out of reach but then he made a terrible mistake. For some reason Haquim acted far to nice and allowed the messenger to go to the bathroom just to recognize moments later that he slipped out through a window.
Even calling his ghoul minions to search for the boy did not work because no one answered his phone call.

Step two of taking down Haquim finished. :D
Thus Haquim left the meeting short after this scene and returned to his haven.
Only to find his haven abandoned, his most loyal ghouls slaughtered (by claw attacks and rat bites *grins wickedly*) and his thaumaturgical puppets gone.

Greg and Rupert had attacked Haquim’s haven while he was focused on the car chase and on being blaming others on the domain meeting. And it had as well been Greg who did sent the beautiful white rose to cutey little Haquim.
What both Rupert and Greg did not expect were those magically paralyzed puppets they did find in a secret chamber of Haquim’s.
He had captured a few vampires and used blood magic to drain their power and their abilities. Thus he had been able to not only fake his generation but also his clan.
The Egyptian symbols in Haquim’s holy puppet chamber and the later encounter with his made pretty clear what snake (Follower of Set) the “mastermind” really was.

Haquim was in rage now.
He returned to the Elysium.
With brutal force he smashed the doors to the meeting room and attacked several attendees. He even tried to attack the prince but was stopped by Mai Lou and then forced to kneel down by Don Marco with the use of high ranks of Presence (vampire discipline).
It took Haquim some moments to brake free of the Presence and use unatural powers on his own.
With his “borrowed” powers gone he had to stick to his own abilities and turned into a human-sized monstrous snake (Setite ability).
After a short attack on the prince he chose to flee instead of – for sure – meeting final death against the amount of gathered vampires.

Haquim exposed.
Step three finished. >=D

This night ended with a lot of “wound licking” and with the prince officially declaring Haquim as an outlaw.
Now everyone was allowed to kill him without fearing consequences.

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LARP IV – The Fall
The nights passed.
Haquim was gone and only seldom Greg received new rumors about him.
Some said he had met final death but Greg was pretty sure that this was just a new deception of him.

Greg still had enough trouble with Alice and the Brujah thugs and Don Marco was almost every night busy with the domain activities.
Sometimes they had to deal with the cainite anarchists but they tended to be no big trouble.
During this time the rituals bonding the packs members were almost gone.
They still worked together and not against each other but the bonds between them and especially their bonds to the Sabbat got very loose.

One night during an official domain meeting a group of new vampires visited the Elysium.
Everything seems to be okay at first.
They introduced themselves and nothing special happened.
Gregory had a strange feeling about them but was to busy with other things that night so he informed Don Marco and Mai Lou about his suspicion.

When Greg returned to the meeting that night the chaos had already started.
The new visitors were in fact another Sabbat pack which for some unknown reason or maybe without reason turned against the local pack during that night.
They attacked several other vampires. First in secret then open to all.
Upon Greg’s return they just started the direct confrontation.

The prince had been heavily injured and flesh-formed by two of the opposing cainites.
One of them – a Brujah or Gangrel antitribu – was cut into pieces by Mai Lou just before she retreated with the injured Don Marco.
Alice and the Brujahs of the local pack did throw all their firepower against the opponents. Leading two the final death of two of the Brujahs, one opponent and a few bystanders.
Most other domain inhabitants fled.

Three opponents pursued Mai Lou and the prince which were fleeing together with by an older domain member of clan Malkavian.
The confrontation lead to the final death of Don Marco and a heavy deformation of the Malkavian (which commited suicide in the sunlight later because of those injuries).
Mail Lou took down two of the attackers but the Tzimisce was able to flee through the catacombs below the Elysium.

Upstairs the fight was ongoing.
Alice was feeding on one of the remaining opponents when a Tremere of the opposing side turned against him and set him on fire with his magic.
While burning (and in frenzy) he was able to smack the Tremere down with some furniture and everything else he could find.
On his way to the fighting scene Greg slew one of the attackers.
The room was on fire. Not dramatically but enough that Greg had to fight against Rötschreck. He concentrated on the sirens of the approaching firefighters.
Alice lay on the ground. Black as coal and most of his body burned but he was still fighting against his injuries.
After all their differences “father” and “son” just needed a few words to make peace between each other.
In this moment all Greg something awoke in Greg.
Something old. Something he had long suppressed.
He remembered his past.
His past in Boston and what he had left behind. What could have become of him and his family when he had not been turned into an undead.
And he as well “remembered” things and moments that were not his own memories.

The next moment Alice met final death an turned to ashes.
Behind Greg the Tremere crawled out from below the furniture and insulted him. Telling him how stupid and weak his people had been.
“Weak Camarilla bastard!” were his last words.
“I am no Camarilla.” was Greg’s answer.
With red eyes, bared fangs and riding a tamed beast within him Greg decapitated the now confused victim under a single strike of his claws. Turning him to ashes as well.

Everyone else was gone and the fire started to rise.
The firefighters took over and Greg disappeared into the night.

A few days later he met with Mai Lou and Rupert in one of their lesser used hideouts.
They exchanged information about casualties and about all the events of that night.
Soon suspicion arose that maybe Indra was behind the attack and Greg grew angry because one of the attackers got away.
To his liking Rupert was able to tell him, where he went. He petted one of his rat minions and grinned while he gave the information to Greg.
Greg and Mai Lou decided to pay him a visit.
If it should turn out that Indra was really behind this attack their allegiance to the Sabbat was clearly history.

The end.
Of the LARP part and of what really happened.
The rest is “what if” fiction … and shall soon continue here as far as my time allows it. ;)

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